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Casey Blakely


Nick Benecke

The two of us met in our home state of New Hampshire while Nick was working for the Appalachian Mountain Club's research department studying plant phenology. Our like minds and passion for the natural world drew us together and ultimately helped drive us to move ourselves to Colorado. Having just both graduated we sought opportunities to grow in the industry and utilize our educations to our advantage. Upon moving to Boulder we both began working in professional planting and nursery services learning how to take care of large trees and shrubs from before they were ever planted until they finally find a permeant home when we plant them. Having learned what we could, we both moved on and went into separate trades to further expand our knowledge. Casey found her passion in growing plants from seed while working for a business growing and selling starter trees. Nick went into professional Arborist work helping remove and prune large mature trees throughout Boulder County. We both spent some time in these trades before once again feeling like it was time to move on. It was at this point we both went into independent contract work and the rest is history. We have been making money independently for ourselves for the last 2 years doing mostly landscape installations but have transitioned to garden care and maintenance as we have continued to grow and focus our services. The two of us couldn't look more forward to what the future has to bring as we continue to grow and try and inspire change within the industry. 

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