Our Services

We are driven to improve the current standard of garden care most homes in Boulder County receive. We stay informed by reading the most recent scientific publications of the trade and adjust our garden methods to reflect these changes in the communities general understanding. We love developing relationships with our clients built around reliability, trust, and consistency. We really focus on being communicative and simplifying the whole process to ensure that every time we leave we have improved our client's living space.  

Garden Maintenance

We like to think that taking care of your garden is similar to taking care of yourself. Having good garden hygiene, (i.e. keeping weeds down, removing debris and mulching your beds) comes hand in hand with a healthy, vibrant living ecosystem and contributes to what everyone wants, Better Blooms. We pride ourselves on constantly staying informed about Colorado's current "Best Management Practices" and follow them accordingly whenever we are working in yards we serve. We highly value sustainable and organic maintenance practices as well as approaching each yard as its own specific ecosystem. Through these cultural controls alone we can typically fend of major diseases and pests. Only when this is not enough do we consider the use of organic pesticides and fungicides. We are very detail oriented, client-focused and communication driven and understand that gardening looks different for every client. Let us make your garden better, brighter and Boulder.  



Consultations are needed beforehand to allow us to estimate the total monthly service hours your property would need each month. At this point we can determine the best service package for your yards needs and determine if a monthly, biweekly, or weekly visiting schedule is most appropriate. 

Rates are based on our set $35/hr/person rate

Small Landscape Installations

We are great at designing and installing areas that create or rethink currently existing garden/planting spaces.

*All masonry related work we do is dry-laid (no mortar= non/chemical= healthy crew) 

  • Dry Creek Beds 

  • Rock Walls

  • Edging

  • Mulching

  • Raised Beds

  • Pathways


All landscape installs are priced at $45/hr/person + material 

Projects large enough to require design will be charged 

Seasonal Maintenance + Restoration Work

Our favorite thing to do is to make quick dramatic changes to peoples' living spaces, and sometimes only a few hours are needed to accomplish this. If you need a one time overhaul of your property we can bring some order back to your yard and some peace to your mind. 

  • Fall and Spring Cleanups

  • Garden Bed Reclamations

  • Area Restoration



  • 1/2 Day Rate: $350 8 onsite person hours + 2 hrs non billable (Walkthrough, dump time and associated dump fees, pre-site arrival prep)

  • Full Day Rate: $600 16 onsite person hours + 2 hrs non billable (Walkthrough, dump time and associated dump fees, pre-site arrival prep)  + second dump and associated fee if necessary

  • Fall/Spring Clean Up: Pricing for leaf removal fluctuates based on property size. All we need is an address for an aerial view to get you an estimated costs. Leaf removal for an average sized yard costs around $250.


All bid work includes our fully equipped 2-person maintenance crew operating out of our large gated flatbed truck.

*All bid prices are flat rates

Tree/Shrub/Perennial Planting

We have learned how to plant trees and shrubs so large they will look as if they've been there for years as soon as we leave. We have developed tried and true methods that allow us to plant large trees in even the most hard to access areas. We do not use machinery while planting to minimize soil compaction and the unsightly disturbances that often come with equipment treads. Our combined 8 years of planting experience in Colorado has lent itself well as our planting methods have continued to promote long term health and success. 


Pricing is based off of both plant size and species, as well as the labor costs associated with (proper planting, delivery, compost/amending, and staking)

Garden Bed Design

We don't think there is a reason to overcomplicate things when it comes to the design process. We want you to invest your money in your garden installation rather than in the intangible vision. We have a tiered design process that allows you to choose your unique design path based on your needs. Both paths start with an onsite consultation where we evaluate your site conditions and learn how you use your yard. 

Design Path 1

Design Path 2

Following our initial visit we deliver our design through a second followup walkthrough. ​We flag planting locations and provide a corresponding planting list for you to do with what you will. Let us try and create the visual with our words alone. 

  • Initial Onsite Consultation and Site Evaluation

  • Second Onsite Design Walkthrough

  • Plant Printout List

Price: $45/hr

If you need more of a visual we can draw up a simple aerial-view sketch of our garden design. THis pathway includes other higher end deliverables to make servicing your garden easier for years down the line.

  • Initial Onsite Consultation and Site Evaluation

  • Hand Drawn Aerial View of property with our garden design overlay

  • Secondary Revision if requested

  • Detailed Plant Printout 

  • Plant Maintenance Schedule

  • Irrigation/Watering Schedule/Printout

  • Soil Testing

Price: $75/hr