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"I hired this crew because they were local. I was really lucky because they couldn't have done a better job. It was really hard work to do as good a job as they did. They picked up all the dumped stuff and then dug up all the weeds with a pick axe and disposed of them. They have a pretty big flat bed truck with 3-4' sides and they actually filled it to the top. What was left is an island of dirt, really clean and perfect to actually grow some grass, flowers, you name it... They really did an excellent job and for 3-4 hours of work, were really reasonably priced."

thank you better blooms -Mike S. (***** Yelp Review)

"The weeding work you did was fantastic as usual. I really appreciate you guys and have come to depend on you"  -Gary H.

"You guys did an amazing job. Thank You!" -Terri C.

"Quick and efficient. Did a good job." -Bonnie K. 

"They showed up on time and did more work than I asked them for. I would definitely hire them again!" -Heidi Y.

"Through Job!" -Janet D.

"Super friendly and quick! Will use again."-Beau M.

"They did great work!" -Ashely M.

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