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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What can  expect from a seasonal cleanup?

    • Seasonal cleanups and one off clients who want their yard brought back to order will find our seasonal cleanup package enticing. A typical 1/2 acre lot typically takes a 1/2 day. 

  • How does the design process work?

  • How large of a tree can you plant?

    • Often people want to plant trees that provide instant gratification but trees of this size can quickly become cumbersome when your trying to plant in areas machinery cannot access. We've been planting for so long though we have developed a series of low-impact solutions that we can plant trees as large as 10 ft.

      • Why should I pay you to plant a tree rather than another competitor?
        • Trees can be one of the biggest investments you make to your landscaping so it would only make sense you want to make sure it is planted correctly.​

  • What can I expect my garden maintenance to include?

  • Is it to late/early in the season to plant?​​

    • We generally start our planting season following mother​ day which is generally around the last frost date in Boulder. This ensures your investment lasts and greatly reduces the post planting stress. As for an end of planting we can plant well into fall as this is a time when plants are more focused on growing their rooting systems rather then wasting energy of leafy above -ground growth. For this reason we choose to plant bulbs, trees, and wood shrubs up until Thanksgiving and perennials until the end of October.

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